Attending to the contentious business area for more than a decade we follow many changes. 

We witness the world become a global village where transactions are made independent of place and time thanks to technology. We have seen organizations clean up  your fats and reduce its size, eliminating hierarchical levels , outsource non-core activities , form partnerships to create more simple sustainable structures and perform their mission anywhere in the world. Compete and  gained new contours .

We been keeping up with people changes, we observed an explosion of new skills and competencies, different ages cultural backgrounds  preferences lifestyles multiple personal and social values. 

Also our own habits have changed. We wake up and read the  news  in our " smartphones " , looking at the day 's agenda and answering the first e- mails before  getting  to the office. To speed up  our actions become. 

In a world where everything changes very quickly and the customer relationship also has not gone unscathed. In times of crisis customers wanted to be supported in their decisions and advised in their actions. Companies seeking autonomy and empowerment no longer served by litigation are considered until they are  good enough . 

In other words, our customers have taught us that using a functional legal service in itself was not enough. Many paradigms of litigation management collapsed and only an authentic and genuine willingness to accept new positions  processes and premises in procedural management would be able to maintain the relevance of Targino.  

We do not hesitate to create the internal committee of experience and innovation in order to recycle and raise the level of our services. A talented and visionary team of lawyers redefined the vertical of our work , leaning on what really would make a difference to customers. 

Today we are pleased to give the Brazilian litigation a new signature . Run a legal service capable of displaying the result of a process management in real time, transparently.  

It came time to generate an innovative value to businesses and organizations.This is the promise of Targino : providing a surprising legal experience  through a futuristic provision credible and high performance. 

Rogério Targino

Founding partner of Targino Lawyers

Chairman of the Group Targino


são paulo - rio de janeiro - curitiba


Central phone: (55 11) 3181-2221

e-mail: contato@targino.adv.br

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We have the pro bono title, the advisory program aimed at proven needy people who actions that do not have as object receiving financial figures.